Do My Water Pipes Need Testing?

Getting your pipes checked is something that people put off. If you’ve just bought a new building and everything seems fine, or you’ve never had a problem before, why would you test them now?

However, a leak can happen in any building at any time. You don’t get to see your pipes and there could be a disaster brewing just inches out of sight.

Trying to find and fix a leak can be an endless task that professionals struggle to complete. That is why it’s best to get there first.

Get There Before The Leak Does

Once you have a leak, action needs to be taken to stop it. Whether your pipes run through a small office or a large warehouse, they all need to be inspected.

This process can take a while to investigate. Trying to locate the exact origin of the leak is an exact art as water may pool in other places.

To avoid interrupting your business and disturbing any potential customers, get your water pipes tested. This way there will be a record of any weak spots so when a leak does occur, you know where to start.

Stop Wasting Water

Some leaks don’t seem important – a dripping tap perhaps. But this tap can waste a few liters of water per hour, which will add up.

Why pay for extra water you don’t need, just because the leak isn’t too dramatic? The same with a toilet that fills for too long – it doesn’t seem like a big deal until the bill comes in.

These are manageable problems, but if the water leak is coming from your boiler or your hot water tap then this will lead to a huge energy bill. In this case, you need will need to get it fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The water or energy company will be responsible for the meter on your property, but it is the owner’s responsibility to take care of the pipes.

Why Do Leaks Occur?

There is a wide range of factors that can damage pipes and cause a leak. They are caused by variables that can be hard to protect your pipes against.

Sometimes it is the weather or general wear and tear on the pipes. Other times a tree root will damage the lines or they are accidentally pierced by construction workers.

You cannot account for an incident like this, but it’s up to you how you react. Hiring a professional company who is experienced dealing with these matters will speed up the process and mean it is fixed quickly.

What Can I Do?

Don’t forget about your water pipes. They are out of sight and out of mind, but just keeping to the suggested check-up schedule or fixing a leak quickly will make a world of difference.

Hugh S. Murch