What Will A Leak Cost?

Water leaks make up a significant part of home repair costs each year. They are inevitable – whether it is faulty plumbing or a failed appliance, there are leaks springing up everywhere.

Many people underestimate the potential cost a leak can cause. They can be easy to ignore, especially if it is something minor like dripping taps.

However, the hidden costs of a leak can go further than the huge bill you are stuck with.

Higher Bills

Water damage is a common problem and it has been calculated that around 37% of homeowners claim loss dues to water damage. This is a disproportionately high number of people and they will be suffering from costly bills.

Most of the claims made will be deemed the owner’s fault and they won’t get any compensation. This is why it is important to stay on top of these issues.

Get any leaks investigated, get your water pipes tested, and keep an eye on the cost of bills. This way you won’t get any nasty surprises later on!

Lasting Damage

Water is a powerful force and a leak can cause liters of losses. A little 1/8 of an inch crack can leak up to as much as 900 liters with a leaky toilet letting out around 700.

This much water starts to erode and damage everything around it and if left unchecked it can cause much bigger problems. A hidden leak will cause lasting foundational damage and can even start to affect bigger things like electrics that will need fixing as well.

Huge Waste Of Energy

The amount of energy used to process water is surprisingly high. From the water processing to the transportation and the greenhouse gas emissions from generating energy.

There is a huge amount of time and effort going into producing safe drinking water so to have it just drip away is a huge waste. You are not only making your bills higher but costing the environment as well.

Repair and Replace Costs

Once you get a leak checked, you may be faced with a couple of options. If it was caught quickly then it may be repairable, but a leak that has been flowing for a while can damage everything around it.

This means it can’t be fixed and the cost of replacing broken parts can be high. Save yourself the money and get your water pipes tested regularly!

Hugh S. Murch